The processing for giving someone operator permissions in Minecraft is going to be slightly different on our hosting platform than when you have access to the server files directly. The steps, however, are quite simple. 


  1. Lookup the uuid of the user you would like to give operator permissions to. You can do this using a site like
    MC UUID.
  2. Copy the Full UUID value you get, ensure that the skin of the user displayed matches their skin in game as an extra step of verification you got the right user.
  3. Open the Revelation Hosting dashboard on the Game Servers Page
  4. Click Modify on your server you want to op someone on.
  5. Click the Configurations tab
  6. Click the ops.json file tab
  7. Using the following format, fill in the uuid information into the text field:

Single user to be op'd:

[ {"uuid": "the-uuid-here", "name": "UsernameHere", "level": 4 } ]

Multiple users to be op'd:

[ {"uuid": "the-uuid-here", "name": "UsernameHere", "level": 4 }, {"uuid": "the-uuid2-here", "name": "Username2Here", "level": 4 }, ..... ]

        8. Click Save Changes

        9. Restart the game server for the changes to take effect.

Note: The ops.json file is updated on the server by the dashboard every time the server restarts. This means that any changes made in game using the /op command will be overwritten upon server restart. We highly recommend you not use the /op command in the server to grant permissions permanently. If you use the /op command, you can still go and update the dashboard before the next restart (expected or otherwise) to ensure those changes persist between restarts.